Unique Pieces For Home and Garden

Hello! I'm Jenny Esser Rathkey the ceramic artist and maker of everything you see here in JER Ceramics. I hope you'll take some time to browse and see what I've been up to in my studio and what's available in my shop. You can also find more pieces that aren't listed here, in my MuddyHandsJen Etsy shop.




Since my first wheel class in the '80s, I was hooked on clay. Since then I've taken countless classes, had private lessons from a Master Potter, participated in workshops, and practiced a lot! I am self-taught. About 10 years ago I began putting together my own home studio, bought a wheel, then later a kiln. I actually began to think of myself as a ceramic artist and then finally with the encouragement of family and friends, started selling my work. 

All pieces are made on the potter's wheel or from a slab of clay after which I add texture and color. My goal is to make a body of work that is original and not a copy of another artist. Since the art of clay is ancient, originality is hard to accomplish. The great thing about working in clay is that I never stop learning, especially from my mistakes. My pieces can and will coordinate with others, but you won't see many if any, matching sets. The aesthetic in my work comes from having lived most of my life in the southwest, primarily in Arizona. My creations fluctuate between the blank canvas of white stoneware clay and the deep richness of a Sedona Red or Electric Brown clay.

My hope is that you will find something that brings joy to you, and to your home for many years. Your patronage is greatly appreciated.